D/C, Three and single Phase Motor Services:

Rewind and Reconditioning
At Sturgis Electric Motor, we will evaluate your needs and the efficiency of your motor. Often, it is much less expensive to rewind and/or recondition a motor than to replace it. Our staff will test, rewind and recondition your motor using our state of the art equipment. We do it all up to and surpassing EASA standards to make sure that your motor works as efficiently as possible.


Used Motor Locating Service
Do you have a unique electric motor need or situation? Looking for a hard to find motor or even one that is no longer being manufactured? We can find a motor for you that will fit your needs and make any of the necessary modifications to it to get it working for you, when you need it.




Other Services:
Shaft and Housing Repairs
Bearing Replacement
Frame and Stator Repair
Voltage Reconnects
Complete Machine shop Service
Gear Motors
Brake Motors
Power Transmission Equipment


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